Anthony Mackie Was So Intimidated by Harrison Ford He Forgot His Lines: ‘I Was So F-ing Nervous’

“He’s Harrison f–king Ford,” the Marvel star said of shooting the next Captain America film with the celebrated actor

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Anthony Mackie, left, and Harrison Ford are co-starring in Marvel's "Captain America: Brave New World." (Getty)

Marvel star Anthony Mackie was so intimidated by Harrison Ford that he forgot his lines while shooting “Captain America: Brave New World” with the Hollywood legend, he told Inverse in a recent profile.

“The first day was so intimidating,” Mackie said. “I was so f–king nervous I couldn’t remember my lines. He’s Harrison f–king Ford. There is this aura about him. But he dispels that really quickly because he’s such a cool guy. He’s everything a movie star should be. He would say, ‘Let’s shoot this piece of s–t.’ And everybody was like, ‘Yeah, let’s shoot this s–t.’”

Ford is entering the MCU as Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross in the upcoming fourth “Captain America” installment. Ford will replace the late William Hurt, who played Ross in five MCU films before his death in 2022.

Ford, who will celebrate his 81st birthday later this month, been known to be rather blunt and curmudgeon-y about his projects, many of which carry massive fan bases.

Still, Ford continues to play ball with the massive IP franchises he’s helped to prop up the last half-century. In the last decade alone, he’s returned to “Star Wars” and, most recently, Indiana Jones. He now adds Marvel to that list.

Mackie said that he and Ford will share the screen often in “Brave New World,” the first “Captain America” installment to feature Mackie as the titular character after he took the reins from Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers in “Avengers: Endgame.”

“We spent a good bit of time together,” Mackie said. “Ross and Cap have always had that relationship, where they were friends and they respected each other, but they always bumped heads. That’s their relationship in the storyline.”

“Captain America: Brave New World” has wrapped shooting, according to Collider, and is set to be released in theaters July 26, 2024 barring further delays due to the Hollywood writers’ strike.