Anthony Scaramucci Steps Up Attack on Trump: ‘Diseased Dad’ and ‘Orange Maniac’

Former White House communications director focuses on Trump’s syntax and avoidance of “domestic terrorism” in new interview

Anthony Scaramucci has been taking his anti-Trump turn on a media tour, stopping in on major cable networks to condemn the president. In a new radio interview, he brought his message about the “orange maniac” to a new audience.

The first question the former White House communications director got when he went on iHeartRadio’s Domenick Nati Show was a salacious one. “Do you think that President Trump might be doing any drugs?” host Nati asked, but Scaramucci demurred.

“That I don’t know but just take a look at tapes of him from 2015, 2016. Observe him at the G-7. Look at his speech mannerisms during the hurricane situation over the weekend. There’s something going on there. He’s missing syntax. He’s misphrasing punctuation. His vocabulary is becoming extremely limited and then you’re finding him going on these incessant tweet storms, which are just abnormal. 122 tweets over the Labor Day Weekend. You’ve got a crisis going on in the Caribbean and this guy’s tweeting about Debra Messing.”

He went on to compare the president to the country’s “father figure” before noting Trump is a “diseased dad.”

“A good parent or a good family member would say, ‘OK, enough is enough. Let’s remove this guy from the position he’s in,’” Scaramucci said, calling on “politicians and the political class” to start telling the truth before “we end up with four more years of this disastrous nonsense.”

Nati kept to the more taboo topics, asking if Scaramucci had heard of Trump flirting with White House staff.

“I have heard reports of that and I think that that is one of the problems that took place last week, but I don’t know that close enough,” he said. “In my time in the White House being very short, I did not see that and so I’m not going to be ale to confirm that, but like you, yes, I have heard those reports.”

Last week, Trump’s personal assistant, Madeleine Westerhout, left the White House abruptly. It was reported she disclosed personal family details to journalists in an off-the-record dinner.

A White House rep did not immediately return a request for comment.