Antoine Dodson, of ‘Bed Intruder’ Fame, Gets Reality Show Pilot

Company producing show also just so happens to have a record label

Hide your kids, hide your wife: Antoine Dodson — star of the viral smash "Bed Intruder" — is shooting a reality TV show pilot.

The pilot, produced by Entertainment One, will follow Dodson and his family as they relocate to Hollywood from Alabama's Lincoln Park Projects — made famous by a local news report in which Dodson delivered a spirited warning to a man who invaded his sister's room. Through the magic of AutoTune and a remix by the Gregory Brothers, it became a musical masterpiece and YouTube sensation.

Scott MacFadyen, a rep for Entertainment One, says the pilot will be about Dodson "leveraging every aspect he can to make a better life for his family." 

And before you discount Dodson as an accidental one-hit wonder — or the show as "so dumb, so dumb, so dumb" — MacFadyen notes that Entertainment One has a record label in addition to making TV shows.

"You might see some development in terms of his music career taking off," MacFadyen told TheWrap. "We make TV shows, but we also have a music label. So I'll just put that out there."

"Bed Intruder" has been viewed more than 67 million times, and sales of the song on iTunes helped Dodson move his family out of the projects. He later appeared on the BET Awards and inspired scores of imitators on Halloween.