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No Way, José! Associated Press Corrects Story About ‘Jose’ Biden

The AP — and dozens of outlets which used its reporting — issued a correction Wednesday

The Associated Press issued a correction Wednesday for a Tuesday story that referred to the president-elect as “Jose” Biden.

As a result, the correction was reprinted in a number of outlets that syndicate or publish AP stories.

“In a story on December 15, 2020, about the Mexican and Brazilian presidents congratulating U.S. President-elect Joe Biden, The Associated Press erroneously reported that Biden’s first name is Jose. His name is Joe,” said a standalone statement from the global news organization, which makes its reporting available for members and customers to use.

As a result, the correction also appeared in the Washington Post, the Toronto Star, Yahoo News and many, many more, including dozens of local news outlets.

Indeed, the uncorrected version still lives on in Tuesday’s original report from the AP, titled, “Brazil, Mexico presidents among last to congratulate Biden.”

The opening paragraph of the article says, “Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro congratulated U.S. President-elect Jose Biden, becoming the last major Latin American leaders to do so.”

Journalists on Twitter sent up the note, calling it the “correction of the year” or sharing an empathetic “oh no.”

José is, in fact, the common Spanish translation for “Joe.”