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Apple Sells Record-Breaking 9M iPhones in 3 Days

5s and 5c models spur Apple’s best first weekend iPhone sales number ever

Apple sold 9 million new iPhone 5c and 5s iPhone models over the first weekend of its launch, the company announced on Monday.

This was also the first weekend that iOS7 was available, and the company reported that 200 million iPhones are now running on the operating system. That’s twice as many phones as last year’s iOS6 launch, which reported about 100 million updates in its first weekend.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook said the sales were “our best iPhone launch yet―more than nine million new iPhones sold―a new record for first weekend sales.”

The company also sold out of the 5s model, which means people looking for the coveted new gold color will have to wait for the next shipment. Apple did not break down how many 5s and 5c units were sold.

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With the 5s unavailable for pre-order, consumers spent the weekend waiting in line to purchase the newest model — a typical sight these days when it comes to new Apple model launches. But the 9 million figure beat analyst sales expectations of 5 to 8 million and nearly doubled first weekend sales of the iPhone’s previous iPhone 5 launch, which sold 5 million.

Apple stock was up 6 percent in pre-market trading following the sales announcement.