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April Sulu: George Takei Jokes He’ll Run Against Devin Nunes

”Star Trek“ star pulled a believable April Fools Day ”Gotcha!“

Is “Star Trek” star George Takei making a bid for Devin Nunes’ House seat in 2018? He sure had his fans thinking so Friday, only for him to pull an April Fools Day “Gotcha!” early this morning.

A Daily Buzz story published on March 31 claimed Takei and his husband purchased a “ranch-style home” in Nunes’ rural California congressional district for the sole purpose of attempting to unseat the House Intelligence Committee chairman.

“Well, I guess the jig is up,” Takei was quoted as saying in the story. “With what is going on now in the country, I couldn’t stand by any longer merely as a citizen. I knew I had to take a bigger stand. So that’s why I’m running for Congress. My hope is to challenge Davin Nunes for his seat in 2018.”

An anonymous “GOP Congressman” was also mentioned in the post as saying that Nunes “should be worried” by the prospect of Takei entering the race.

Takei revealed that the entire story was an April Fools Day prank early Saturday morning with a photo of himself grinning and holding up a “Gotcha!” sign.

“No, I’m not running for Congress. Happy 4/1,” he wrote on Twitter. He also called on his followers to support the Democratic challenger in an upcoming special election in Georgia. “But Jon Ossoff is on 4/18. Help him win at http://electjon.com . Let’s flip Congress in ’18,” he wrote.