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Arcade Fire Turn Lullaby ‘Baby Mine’ Into a Rock Ballad for Tim Burton’s ‘Dumbo’ Movie (Video)

Original song from 1941 was nominated for an Oscar

If Tim Burton seemed like an offbeat choice to direct Disney’s live-action adaptation of “Dumbo,” you can bet he found an equally unusual choice to sing the film’s signature lullaby “Baby Mine,” Arcade Fire.

The indie rockers turned the soothing lullaby into a lilting, elegant rock song and even introduced some of their strange instrumentation. Lead singer Win Butler said the song features harp, theremin and an instrument called the Sonovox.

“My mom plays the harp on the track, my brother the theremin, my wife sings and plays drums, and our son even plays the triangle, as well as the rest of our ‘family’ in Arcade Fire,” Win Butler said of the recording in a statement (via Pitchfork). “I will forever relate to the song thinking about the people I hold so dear that are ‘so precious to me.’ Listen for the cameo of my grandpa Alvino’s famous Sonovox at the end.”

“Baby Mine” was first recorded in 1941 for the original “Dumbo” by Frank Churchill, with lyrics by Ned Washington and Betty Noyes. It was nominated for Best Original Song at the Oscars that year. Since then, other artists such as Allison Strauss, Bette Midler and Bonnie Raitt have performed versions of the song.

Disney’s live-action remake of “Dumbo” stars Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito and opens in theaters March 29.

Hear Arcade Fire’s take on the song above, and hear the original “Baby Mine” as heard in “Dumbo” below:

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