What Ari Gets: $25 Million, a Plane and the End of the Endeavor Mega-Dream | Analysis

The hard-charging Hollywood agent dreamed of running a global entertainment company. It lasted three years.

Ari Emanuel and Egon Durban of Silver Lake
Ari Emanuel and Egon Durban of Silver Lake

It’s sure nice to have friends like Silver Lake managing partner Egon Durban. 

The deal unwinding the grand vision of Endeavor as a publicly-traded, global entertainment company, the terms of which were announced on Wednesday, includes huge potential paydays for co-founders Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell along with COO Mark Shapiro.

Even in the overstuffed, overpaid compensation packages of Hollywood CEOs, the payout for Silver Lake taking Endeavor private at a $13 billion valuation and selling off its assets — just three years after taking the company public — was remarkable. 

* Endeavor CEO Emanuel gets a $25 million bonus payment if certain assets get sold, 2.5%


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