Real Life ‘Magic Mike’ Midterm Candidate: Democrat Reveals Past as Stripper (Video)

John Burkhalter, Arkansas’ candidate for lieutenant governor, discusses his prior stint as an exotic dancer

Last Updated: October 30, 2014 @ 11:38 AM

Who says stripping is a dead-end job?

Before John Burkhalter was Arkansas’ Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, he worked as a male stripper.

Much like Channing Tatum‘s “Magic Mike” character, the politician had a string of unusual jobs before he made it to the top — including taking off his clothes for cash at Little Rock’s answer to Chippendale’s.

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Burkhalter, who’s now a millionaire, by the way, spoke about his career history to CBS’s local Arkansas affiliate.

“I did have that job for a while, a very short time,” he told 5News’ managing editor Larry Henry.

“[The stripping] was when I was in Little Rock,” Burkhalter said. “I’ve always been an athlete, and I was actually buying cows from a farm … I had 17 acres in a little place called Billy Goat Hill, which is in North Pulaski County, and I was trying to make my way in life.”

“I lived the American dream,” he added.

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Burkhalter is up against Republican representative Tim Griffin and Libertarian candidate Christopher Olsen in Tuesday’s election, according to 5News’ report.

Only time will whether he works the voting polls as well as he worked the stripper pole.


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