Armie Hammer on Why He Quit Twitter’s ‘Toxic Environment’: ‘I Have No Impulse Control’ (Video)

“Call Me by Your Name” actor quit social media platform this week

“Call Me by Your Name” star Armie Hammer deleted his Twitter account this week following a brutal BuzzFeed article. Now, the actor has told TheWrap, his decision came purely from a lack of “impulse control.”

“I just have no impulse control,” Hammer said at TheWrap’s Screening Series at the Landmark Theatre in Los Angeles on Tuesday. “So if somebody says something stupid, I couldn’t help but say something back, and then it just exploded. This is a toxic environment, and my life is way better off. It’s so funny — People are so addicted and into Twitter, it seems crazy that someone could walk away from it! They’re like, wait, he DELETED IT? It was actually really easy.”

BuzzFeed published an article titled “10 Long Years of Trying to Make Armie Hammer Happen,” which many fans considered a needlessly brutal look at his career. The article discusses the “many second chances” Hammer has had in his career, saying the Hollywood system gives handsome, straight white men more chances than women and minorities.

Hammer’s first response to the BuzzFeed article was a “bitter AF” tweet, which is, alas, now gone, along with everything else.

The article was met with mixed reactions. Many agreed that Hollywood should be more diverse and inclusive, but took issue with personalizing that point by focusing on Hammer.

Hammer’s Twitter account has been celebrated not only by Hammer Heads and Armie Wives — names for his fanbase — but by several outlets for its humor and BDSM leanings. His most notable Twitter moment was probably earlier this year, when he called out James Woods, who made a comment about the age difference between Hammer’s character and his love interest, played by Timothée Chalamet, in “Call Me By Your Name.”

“Call Me by Your Name” was directed by Luca Guadagnino and also stars Michael Stuhlbarg amd Amira Casar. It recently won the Gotham Independent Film Award for Best Feature.

Watch the video above.