Schwarzenegger’s ‘Terminator’: From Killing Machine to… Drapery Salesman? (Video)

The character has to “blend in” with humans, he explains

What has Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator been up to since audiences last saw him? Would you believe he’s been working as a drapery salesman? Apparently, even synthetic intelligent killing machines need to go undercover.

Ahead of the Nov. 1 release of the latest in the franchise – “Terminator: Dark Fate” – Schwarzenegger visited “The Graham Norton Show,” where he said that his Terminator character has “been, you know, kind of around… and he’s been terminating things.” (Nice tiptoeing, Arnie.)

Schwarzenegger explained that because Terminator has now lived with human beings that he has picked up a human lifestyle, and that includes getting a day job.

“In order to infiltrate — in order to be like, to blend in — I am a drapery salesman,” he said with a smile, adding that it was James Cameron’s choice of careers for his creation. “That’s actually Jim Cameron’s idea, but I then developed the character a little but more and “improvised some of the lines.”

Check out the segment above.

Later in the show, Schwarzenegger said he wasn’t even sure that he’d be asked back to the franchise.

“I did not know if they would do another ‘Terminator,’ if I’d get asked back or what because, as you know, what happens to the James Bond movies and Batman movies, it was often they just switched him out with, you know, newer people,” Schwarzenegger said. “So I was really happily surprised when I got a call.”