Arsenio Hall Meets Arscheerio Hall, a Pale Imitation of Himself (Video)

Comedian Paul Scheer channels the 1990s Arsenio

In a meeting sure to shatter the space-time continuum, Tuesday’s “Arsenio Hall Show” welcomed Arscheerio Hall, comedian Paul Scheer‘s channeling of the 1990s Hall.

Wearing an 8-Ball jacket and Hall’s old haircut, Scheer called back classic motifs of the original “Arsenio”: The dog pound, the special name for the audience (“These people over here are the Less Successful Members of the Wu-Tang Clan”), and a very ’90s handshake.

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“We immediately had conflict on which handshake we were about to do,” said the real Hall (OR IS HE???) after they met.

“That’s right, ’cause I’m a little bit in the past,” said Arscheerio. “I didn’t know about the pound. I was about the hug.”

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Scheer has previously done line-to-line recreations of old “Arsenio” interviews with Vanilla Ice, Tupac Shakur, Gary Coleman, and Ike Turner.

Scheer also suggested another recreation.

“If you can get anybody on this show to play saxophone, they will be elected president immediately,” he said.

Watch the video: