‘Arsenio Hall Show’ Stand-Up Guest Paul Mooney Drops N-Word (Video)

The comedian, who used to write for Richard Pryor, was cut off after a 14-minute set

Last Updated: August 4, 2014 @ 10:05 AM

Veteran comedian Paul Mooney stunned some “Arsenio Hall Show” audience members on Monday night when he called a man watching his act a “bald-headed” N-word.

TMZ reports that the performance was plenty weird beforehand, as the 72-year-old comedian — who famously worked with Richard Pryor and Dave Chappelle — rambled through race-related topics for over 14 minutes, and then ignored cues from producers to wrap it up after dropping the N-bomb.

“A crew member eventually interrupted Mooney during his stand up and asked him to wrap it up, as a result of him using foul language, mainly the N-word,” a spokesperson for the show told TheWrap.

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The four-minute cut that made it to air (above) is only a small sampling of Mooney’s offensive act, which several audience members ripped via social media.

“THEEE BEST EDITING ON TELEVISION,” an audience member wrote on Instagram. “Because I was in the audience and what y’all saw was EXCEPTIONAL CLEAN UP. Paul Mooney was deplorable and the highest level of disgusting. Be very blessed that you didn’t see the unedited version.”

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“OMG! I just witnessed THE MOST EMBARASSING, Disrespectful ‘standup’ BOMBING ever by Paul Mooney,” another audience member tweeted. “I wanted to walk out!”