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‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Star Bruce Campbell on That ‘Creepy’ Cabin (Exclusive Video)

Actor and costar Lucy Lawless also share their thoughts on an Ash-Ruby love connection with TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell

“Ash vs Evil Dead” star Bruce Campbell fights supernatural demons, witnesses gruesome deaths and saves the world from evil, but there’s still one thing that freaks him out — the “The Evil Dead” cabin.

During a new episode of TheWrap’s “Drinking With the Stars,” host Stuart Brazell asked Campbell what it was like to go back to that isolated cabin in Tennessee that first spooked him in the first “The Evil Dead” film in the franchise.

“It was legitimately creepy,” said Campbell, who, along with his producing partner Rob Tapert and the 1981 film’s director Sam Raimi, remembered every inch of the original set.

“I don’t know how they did it,” Campbell said. “They meticulously recreated it. We knew all the perspectives. If you stood at a certain point in the room, you knew you could see through a window to another thing and see another thing. And we could see that. It’s crazy.”

Ash may know how to fight off souls of the evil dead (hence the title), but that doesn’t mean he’s all work and no play, if you know what we mean. Campbell also dishes about the possibility of a budding romantic relationship between Ash and Ruby Knowby (Lucy Lawless).

“I don’t think Ruby likes Ash,” Campbell grins. “I think Ash would be more than happy to jump on that game. With Ruby, I think she’d rather cut her hand off… and put a chainsaw on the end of it.” That makes some sense since Lawless’ character is on a dedicated mission to track down and kill Williams as vengeance for her family’s death.

“Ash vs Evil Dead” is a comedy horror series is based in the “Evil Dead” universe, set 20 years after the Evil Dead films. Although Ash’s life has seemingly gone nowhere, he accidentally recites a spell from the Book of the Dead and unleashes the Kandarian Demon again. Campbell reprises his former fighting role and tackles the demonic plague in order to save the world.

Lawless also talks about chances that she’d turn up on the “Xena: Princess Warrior” reboot, Campbell answers the question about time travel in future episodes, and they both hint of, yes, a Season 3.

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