Ashton Kutcher Booed for Actually Not Knowing Who Harry Styles Is: ‘He Was in Some D12 Band or Something’ (Video)

The “That 90s Show” and “Your Place or Mine” actor recalls meeting the English singer-songwriter at a karaoke party eight years ago

Ashton Kutcher was booed by audience members during his appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Monday evening after he revealed that he still doesn’t really know who Harry Styles is. He even remembered meeting the Grammy winner at a karaoke party years prior with wife Mila Kunis.

“My neighbor had a birthday party and they had a karaoke party. Mila and I went to the party and we’re sitting there, and this guy gets up and he starts singing an ABBA song – and he was unbelievable,” Kutcher said. “I was like, ‘This guy’s, like, he’s really good.’ And we turn to our friend and we’re like, ‘Man, that guy was really good,’ and they’re like, ‘Yeah … that’s Harry Styles’.” 

During the “Tonight Show” conversation, the “That 90s Show” and “Your Place or Mine” actor told Fallon that he “didn’t know who that was” at the time and “still don’t know, really” who Styles is.

“I know the Watermelon ‘hmm’ song, but if Harry was here and there were two other, like, 5’6” handsome, dark-haired fellas, I’d be like ‘I don’t know, it’s one of them,’” Kutcher admitted.

When asked by a shocked Fallon if he seriously didn’t know, Kutcher described himself as “pop-culture anemic.”

“If you asked me what was going on with the Hubble Telescope, I could tell you,” he explained. “If you ask me what the latest advancements in Alzheimer’s research are, I could probably give you a couple citations. If you ask me who the guy is who invented ChatGPT-3 and pick him out of a crowd, I’ll tell you who he is.”

“But if I say what’s the No. 1 song, you’d be like, ‘No,’” Fallon said.

“No clue,” Kutcher replied. “I don’t know.”

After Styles finished his song at the karaoke party, Kutcher said he and Kunis went up to him and said, “God you’re really good. You should, like, do this,” which prompted laughter from the audience.

“Guys, it was like eight years ago, OK?” Kutcher emphasized, before mistakenly naming him as a member of Eminem’s hip-hop supergroup D12. “He was in some D12 band or something, that was his thing.”

The comment elicited a series of boos from the crowd, which prompted Fallon to try to get him to stop talking.

“No, I like Harry, he’s a nice guy,” he responded. “I just don’t know.”

Watch the full “Tonight Show” segment in the video above.