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Associated Press Names Washington Bureau Chief Julie Pace as Executive Editor

The 39-year-old replaces Sally Buzbee, who was just named top editor of The Washington Post

The Associated Press on Wednesday named Julie Pace the new executive editor. She has been the AP’s Washington bureau chief since 2017.

She is succeeding Sally Buzbee, who became the executive editor of the Washington Post in June.

“This is a very exciting time for the AP — we’re a 175-year-old news organization with a new CEO and a new executive editor,” said AP president and CEO Gary Pruitt in a statement published by the AP Wednesday. “Julie Pace has a vision for AP’s future that is in line with our long-standing values but also forward-thinking. She will do an excellent job.”

One of the visions mentioned in the AP announcement is Pace’s plan to encourage employees across a variety of disciplines and beats to work together, instead of in “silos,” to create compelling stories.

“We are in a position where we have an opportunity to really modernize our news report,” Pace told the company. “We have an opportunity to take all of the fantastic journalism that we do across formats and think of ways we can make it more digital-friendly, to make it more social-friendly.”