ASU Journalism School Launches Free Media Literacy Course Online

Anyone with an email address can sign up for the three-week media literacy program

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Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication is launching a free online course in media literacy.

Anyone with an email address is eligible for the three-week program, aimed at improving digital media literacy. It begins Sept. 13 and is titled, “Mediactive: How to Participate in Our Digital World.”

The Mediactive project is part of Facebook’s $2-million investment in various media literacy projects around the country. It’s designed to support projects that empower people to identify and share credible information.

“The way we consume media has fundamentally changed in the past several decades, and most of us have had to learn as we go without any training. It can feel like we’re barely keeping up,” said Kristy Roschke, managing director of the News Co/Lab.

She went on, “The Mediactive course provides accessible and tangible information people can use in their daily media use, which is especially critical as we’re facing unprecedented challenges in the U.S. and globally.”

Through videos, interviews and interactive activities, participants are slated to learn how to spot misinformation and understand how the news media operates, as well as use media overall.

“Our goal is to help people more confidently use media to make important decisions ahead of the November 2020 election and beyond,” Roschke said.


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