Atlanta Exotic Dancers Release Get Out the Vote PSA

“Get your booty to the poll,” say dancers in new ad which accompanies online resources for registering, researching and voting in the upcoming election

Atlanta-area exotic dancers have teamed up to bring a message to residents unsure about whether they should vote: Get your booty to the poll.

In a video that features their dance moves, the women ask whether they’ve gotten the attention of the audience. Then: “So, you’re really not going to vote?”

They go on to explain that the upcoming election will affect much more than just the presidency. District attorneys, for instance, decide “who to prosecute,” including “dirty cops.”

“Do you know who elects the D.A.?” asks a dancer named Coy. “We do!”

“Can’t make it rain if you’re locked up on some bulls—,” points out another named Imani.

From school board positions to sheriffs and county officials, the women highlight which roles are electable and how those elected officials impact daily life for citizens in the area.

“Don’t let other people decide who’s going to run your community,” urges Coy.

The women direct viewers to a website for Get Your Booty to the Poll, which offers resources on how to register, research and vote in the upcoming election.

The clip, above, was directed by Angela Gomes and produced by Paul Fox.

The team wrote on the site, “The entire crew was made up of volunteers who were dedicated to the message and idea of increasing the voter turn-out amongst the black male demographic. We hope that our passionate message becomes your reality when you take your booty to the poll and vote this election cycle.”


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