There’s No Evidence Atlanta Spa Victims Were Sex Workers – So Why Is That Part of the Narrative?

”The bar for covering Asian Americans is so much lower because reporting is so non-existent,“ Yale professor Grace Kao says

One week after the tragic mass murder of eight people at three spas outside Atlanta, including six Asian women, the authorities and the media are still struggling to unpack the racial and sexual components of the crime.

While there is no evidence that any of the victims engaged in sex work, experts note that media coverage after the mass murder has explored the prevalence of sex workers in Atlanta, in massage parlors and in general – entangling these victims in a larger narrative at the intersection of racial, class and gender-based biases.

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Rosemary Rossi

News Editor • • @RosemaryARossi

Lindsey Ellefson

Media reporter • • Twitter: @ellefs0n