‘Atlanta’ to Return to Production in the ‘First Half of 2021,’ FX Chief John Landgraf Says

And “Fargo” Season 4 just wrapped yesterday

CR: Guy D'Alema/FX
CR: Guy D'Alema/FX

“Atlanta” is returning to production in the “first half of 2021,” FX chief John Landgraf said on Wednesday.

The pandemic and Donald Glover’s busy working schedule made production on the comedy particularly difficult to map out, as Seasons 3 and 4 were also intended to be shot back to back. Before the virus messed everything up, Landgraf predicted “Atlanta’s” third season would premiere in January 2021 and Season 4 in Fall 2021.

During a virtual press conference with reporters Wednesday, Landgraf told TheWrap “it is the intent” for both seasons to be shot at once as planned, but the premiere dates have been “pushed back a little bit.”

“Donald Glover and his intrepid team of writers have written everything for seasons three and four,” he said. “However, the availability has been pushed back because of COVID. That just had to do with our sense of when we could return to work safely and then we had to coordinate the cast for what is essentially shooting two seasons at once.”

Landgraf said during the panel that, “fortunately after a great deal of work and collaboration with our partners, we’re finding safe ways of returning to work,” noting that several of the network’s programs have already returned to production, including “Breeders” in the U.K., the FX on Hulu limited series “A Teacher” and the upcoming fourth season of “Fargo,” which wrapped production in Chicago on Tuesday.

“We had shot nine of the 11 episodes of ‘Fargo,’ but we had no ending to an incredible season,” Landgraf said. He praised series creator Noah Hawley, “who embodied the leadership and care for his cast and crew that every showrunner should emulate.”

“We’re taking extraordinary measures to ensure everyone’s safety on our productions,” Landgraf said. “I’m grateful to the crews and cast on these shows for the level of seriousness they’ve given to health and safety measures while performing their already demanding jobs. We’re absolutely steadfast that the health and safety of our talent and crews is our number one priority.”

Other FX series preparing to return to production this fall include “Pose,” “Snowfall,” “Mayans,” “American Horror Story,” “Mr. Inbetween” and “Dave,” as well as new series “The Old Man,” “Y: The Last Man” and the new season of “American Crime Story.” “Better Things” and “What We Do in the Shadows” will join “Atlanta” in returning to production in 2021.


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