Aubrey Plaza May or May Not Be Serious About Having Written a ‘Harry Potter Franchise’-Style Project (Video)

Power Women Summit 2020: “Just a tiny little project that I’m working on that soon will be coming to you at your local amusement park,” “Black Bear” star says

Aubrey Plaza says she’s completed the script for a project she compares to the “Harry Potter” movies — we just don’t know if she’s being serious or not.

“One project I have that I’ve written that I, again, can’t announce — that one will be announced very soon — let’s just compare it to, I don’t know, the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise?” the “Black Bear” star told TheWrap CEO and editor in chief Sharon Waxman during their one-on-one conversation at the Power Women Summit Tuesday.

“Just like a tiny thing. Just a tiny little project that I’m working on that soon will be coming to you at your local amusement park,” Plaza continued. “I’ll have a wing of the amusement park, I’ll have a ride. I’ve got a lot of plans.”

When Waxman asked the “Parks and Recreation” alum if she was being “serious” she added: “Yes. I mean, I didn’t sell that yet — but I will. Just you wait.”

While you wait, you can check out Plaza’s new movie “Black Bear,” which premiered in select theaters and on digital platforms Dec. 4 after debuting at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival in January.

Plaza says the road to releasing the movie, which was acquired by Momentum Pictures, has “been so weird” because of the pandemic.

“At Sundance there’s always — especially in the past couple of years — there’s always that discussion, ‘Well are we going to have a theatrical release? Are we going to go the traditional route? Are we going to sell it to Netflix or whatever?’ And this movie, like most movies that I’m in, producing in or starring in, I always want that theatrical release and I always want people to see it on a big screen, communally, which is how movies should be seen.”

She continued: “So all summer long, we just kept going, ‘Well, I don’t know. Are people going to go to the theaters?’ I mean, everyone is in the same boat. So it’s been a little tense and anxious about just how are we going to release this thing. But, you know, I’m just happy that it’s coming out. I’m happy that people are starting to get to see it. We made it over a year ago. So it’s nice that it’s going to be out there for people.”

Check out excerpts from Audrey’s interview above.

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