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Aubrey Plaza Tells Us Why ‘An Evening With Beverly Luff Lin’ Is a ‘Wild Ride’ (Video)

”You just have to strap in and let go,“ Plaza tells TheWrap

So what exactly is the plot to “An Evening With Beverly Luff Lin?” Good question. In fact, when we spoke with star Aubrey Plaza back at the film’s premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January, she had the same question, saying that the offbeat comedy was one of the craziest things she’s ever made.

“It’s really hard for me to explain why, but it’s kind of like a wild ride,” Plaza told TheWrap. “You just have to strap in and let go.”

Indeed, the film is incredibly weird and, as is repeated in the its trailer, “magical.” Director Jim Hosking, who directed the equally bizarre horror comedy “The Greasy Strangler,” was originally asked to make the weirdest film ever, only to find out he had made it too weird. From there, they came up with the character and story to “An Evening With Beverly Luff Lin” in a quick email exchange.

“I wrote this thing and sent it to Jim, and within two hours, he wrote back something hysterical, and we just…the rest is a blur for two years,” writer David Wike said.

The “story” involves a couple (Plaza and Jemaine Clement) at a dead end in their relationship, only for it to receive a jolt when Plaza’s former lover, Beverly Luff Lin (Craig Robinson), arrives in their small town to do a one-night-only “magical” performance.

That might not even scratch the surface of all the weirdness that takes place in the film, and the cast and crew got into something of a giggle fit as they attempted to hold back some of the movie’s secrets.

“It’s one magical night only,” Plaza said. “It could change your life.”

Watch the video featuring Plaza, Robinson, Clement, Matt Berry, Wike and Hosking, above. “An Evening With Beverly Luff Lin” opens in limited release on Oct. 19.