Theater That Held Women-Only ‘Wonder Woman’ Screening Plans Clowns-Only ‘It’ Screening

Coulrophobes beware

Pennywise IT

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin, Texas — the same theater that offered a women-only screening of “Wonder Woman” — plans a special screening of “It” that won’t just scare a few sexist dude-bros. It will scare everyone.

In an effort to keep Austin weird (and terrifying), the theater will present a clowns-only screening of “It” on Sept. 9.

According to the Drafthouse’s website, hopeful participants should come dressed in their “Pennywise best.” Participants are also encouraged to arrive early to enjoy an “IT pre-party,” complete with “face-painters available for clown ‘touch-ups’, a photo booth, raffles for prizes, and other terrifying merriment.”

The website describes the harlequin event as a “Barrel O’ Fun,” but to anyone with a fear of clowns, it sounds more like a barrel o’ tears.

Unfortunately for you sickos out there, the event is already sold out. And it doesn’t look like any other movie theaters in the country will host similar events for the “It” premiere, but feel free to dress up like a clown and see how that goes over.