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‘Avatar,’ ‘Up,’ Katzenberg Top New 3D Society’s Awards

Brendan Fraser wins Best 3D Talent for “Journey to the Center of the Earth

 “Avatar” grabbed seven awards, "Up" was named best animated 3D feature, and actor Brendan Fraser received the “Best 3D Talent” award for “Journey to the Center of the Earth” Tuesday night at the newly formed International 3D Society’s first award ceremony.

DreamWorks Animation CEOJeffrey Katzenberg, a tireless promoter and early adopter of 3D film, won a “3DVision” award in absentia. “Avatar” actor Giovanni Ribisi accepted the “Avatar” awards on behalf of director James Cameron.
The ceremony, held at Mann’s Chinese Theater, and featuring statuettes crafted by the same company that manufactures the Oscar statues, aims at solidifying 3D’s position as a legitimate studio art form.
 “This speaks to the fact that 3D hasn’t just arrived — it’s here to stay,” Ribisi told the audience.
That was the main message of an evening that had virtually no surprises: The live-action and animated 3D film crowns went to “Avatar” and “Up,"respectively.
Fraser was honored for his work both as an actor and producer on “Journey.” He’ll have the same titles in the film’s sequel, tentatively titled “Journey to Mysterious Island,” set slated to begin production next summer.
The judges also invented some new categories to reflect 3D’s unique sensibilities, including “Outstanding Achievement of 2D to 3D Converted Feature” (“G-Force”) and “Best 3D Stereography” (“Avatar” for live action and “Coraline” for animation).
The awards also included the first-ever “People’s Choice” awards for 3D movies, won by “Avatar” in live action and “Coraline” in animation.
The ceremony was a coming-out party for the International 3D Society, formed just last year. In at least one area, President Jim Chabin noted, the society broke new ground: “I promise you can go home and tell everyone you attended a Hollywood awards show and it ended in an hour and 15 minutes.”
Full list of awards:
Live Action 3D Feature: “Avatar”
Animated 3D Feature: “Up”
3D Talent: Brendan Fraser, “Journey to the Center of the Earth”
Best 3D Character: Neytiri in “Avatar”
3D Vision Award: Jeffrey Katzenberg and DreamWorks SKG “
Best 3D Scene: “Avatar” and Jake Sully for “First Flight”
People’s Choice Award, Live Action 3D: “Avatar”
People’s Choice Award, Animation: “Coraline”
3D Stereography, Live Action: “Avatar”
3D Stereography, Animation: “Coraline”
3D Visual Effects: “Avatar”
Marketing 3D Content: “Avatar”
Short 3D Motion Picture/Narrative: “Partly Cloudy”
3D Documentary: Imax’s “Under the Sea 3D”
2D to 3D Conversion: “G-Force”