‘Avatar’ Sequel Overload: Twitter Responds With a Collective ‘Really?’

Apparently, not everybody is on board with James Cameron’s ambitious plan for four sequels to his 2009 epic

James Cameron announced that he plans to make four sequels to his 2009  epic “Avatar” during CinemaCon on Thursday. And it has people complaining until they’re blue in the face.

In the wake of Cameron’s announcement, Twitter has erupted with negativity over the plan, with social-media users expressing a mixture of exasperation and outright mockery.

On the latter count, there was, “Avatar 7: Please Look at This Iguana Made Out of Glowy Ferns for Three Hours.”

And, “Oh goody! 4 avatar sequels?!? I can’t wait to reunite with my favorite characters: muscle guy, blue lady, that girl, that other guy.”

One disbeliever responded with a mere, “Four? Four Avatar sequels?”

Yet another critic opined that Cameron would be better served tackling a fresher concept: “Four Avatar sequels is excessive. Rather see other original work from Cameron. It was pretty but Ferngully the Last Rainforest did it better.”

As with any topic on social media, politics crept into the conversation, with the account LOLGOP tweeting,”Pretty sickening that Obama is going to leave his successors with all these Avatar sequels.”

Here’s a full list of reactions from the Twitterati: