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‘Avatar’s’ Record-Setting Gross: the Official Count

Through Monday, according to Fox, Cameron’s epic had grossed $1.859B globally; “Titanic” took in $1.843B

Fox has released official numbers verifying that “Avatar” has usurped “Titanic” as the top-grossing film of all time.

Through Monday, according to the studio, director James Cameron’s new 3D movie had grossed $1.859 billion globally. His 1998 “Titanic” took in $1.843 billion.

“Avatar” was already the top international grosser of all time, with $1.3 billion in ticket sales through Monday.

"Avatar" is the second highest grossing film domestically, with $555 million in ticket revenue, also through Monday.

With a marginal week-to-week drop of around 20 percent, “Avatar” should overtake “Titanic” ($600.7 million) for the top slot in North America this upcoming weekend.