‘Avengers’: Is Another Pirated Marvel Script About to Turn Up Online?

Movie fan site Geektyrant says it was offered a 129 page Joss Whedon-penned draft for the upcoming film over the weekend

Is another script for a big upcoming Marvel movie about to leak online?

The operators of the movie blog Geektyrant.com say they were approached last weekend with an offer to purchase a leaked copy of Marvel's upcoming "The Avengers."

According to the site's operators, they were offered a 129-page Joss Whedon-written draft called "Group Hug," the working title for Marvel's "Avengers," which is due to be released by Disney on May 4, 2012.

The blog's operator says no price range was ever discussed.

The blog posted this portion of the email solicitation:

"It is a pink draft of the shooting script dated 04/08/11," it reads. "The pages bear the Marvel Studios letterhead and all 129 pages are watermarked with one of the starring actor's name. Also included is a personal note from writer/director Joss Whedon. If this is something that you would like to procure, contact me and we can negotiate terms. Verification can be provided if interested."

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Marvel reps have yet to respond to TheWrap's inquiries, but Geektyrant operator Joey Paur said he had informed the studio of the solicitation.

"I was informed by a source at Marvel that the ball has started rolling on getting this whole thing investigated," Paur told TheWrap. "I have not been asked to help in any investigation, but they might contact me if needed."

In January, the operators of ComicBookMovie.com got an abrupt phone call from Marvel investigators after a contributor filed a review of the upcoming "Thor," based on what was an allegedly leaked script.

Of course, the problem of leaked scripts is hardly endemic to just Paramount, with a range of other high-profile leaks — everything from "Twilight Saga: Eclipse" to "The Social Network" — emerging in recent months.