‘Avengers: Endgame’ Reaches $169 Million Globally After Record-Breaking Opening Day

Marvel superhero epic opened number one across the board

Avengers let's talk about those white suits the avengers are wearing in the new avengers endgame trailer
Marvel Studios

“Avengers: Endgame” was the number one film in every international market it opened in on Wednesday, earning $169 million globally in its first day in release overseas.

TheWrap reported Wednesday that the Marvel superhero film had a record midnight screening opening in China and earned $107.5 million on its opening night, the highest ever for a Hollywood film in the region. And “Avengers: Endgame” posted similarly record-breaking figures in 25 markets in all.

“Endgame” had the highest industry opening day in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Greece and Egypt. It fell to number 3 in Singapore, Austria, Iceland and Germany, number two in Italy and was just the highest ever MCU title in France.

“Endgame” opens Thursday in the U.K., but the $169 million total did not include any midnight screening numbers from the U.K. It will also continue rolling out this weekend and will be open in the whole international marketplace by Sunday with the exception of Russia (April 29). Thursday sees further openings in the U.K. and Brazil, as well as Croatia, Czech Rep, Hungary, Israel, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Argentina, Panama, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Trinidad, Bolivia, Chile and Colombia.

The film also set a record for opening day and midnight shows in China for IMAX, earning approximately $13.7 million including midnight shows. That total surpassed the previous record holder, “Avengers: Infinity War,” by 82%, and it represented approximately 13% of the film’s overall opening day gross in the country. IMAX represented the top 10 locations and 88 of the 100 top-performing locations in China. “Endgame” is only the second film in history to be shot entirely with IMAX cameras.

The film has a chance to shatter the $1 billion figure for a movie in its opening weekend, with the possibility that it could cross $300 million in both China and domestically.

Domestically, “Avengers: Endgame” opens Friday in over 4,662 theaters, including over 3,900 3D locations, 410 IMAX screens, 785 premium large format screens and 250 D-Box/4D locations, with previews beginning Thursday at 6 p.m.