‘Baby Daddy’ Star Derek Theler Teases Season Finale’s ‘Big Surprise’ (Exclusive Video)

Freeform comedy’s Season 5 capper airs Wednesday

Wednesday’s season finale of “Baby Daddy” threatens to bring big changes to the characters’ lives after five years, but Derek Theler says that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

“I can’t tell you much,” Theler tells TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell in the latest episode of Drinking With the Stars. “It’s here. There’s a big surprise that kind of changes the whole dynamic of the group. … It’s exciting, but scary.”

The finale might prove especially consequential for Danny and Riley’s relationship, as both characters are faced with new job opportunities that threaten to take them in opposite directions.

In June, Freeform announced that it had picked up the show for a sixth season, which will bring the multi-camera comedy to 100 episodes. Coming up on that milestone, Theler revealed how he’d like to see his character end up when the series does eventually wrap.

“The evolution of my character, he’s always in the back of his mind, been completely in love with Riley,” he said. “I’m really happy that right now they’re getting a shot to see where their relationship goes. As that evolves, I think it’s going to be a pretty solid end to his character and the show.

The “Baby Daddy” Season 5 finale airs tonight at 8:30/7:30c on Freeform.