‘Bachelor in Paradise’s Jessenia on Andrew’s Shocking Exit: ‘I Should Have Seen the Signs’

“It always felt like I was carrying him for about two weeks through paradise,” Jessenia told TheWrap

Jessenia and Andrew Bachelor in Paradise
Jessenia and Andrew left the beach after Tuesday's Bachelor in Paradise (ABC)

Tuesday’s episode of “Bachelor in Paradise” saw Andrew’s shocking exit from the beach alongside Jessenia and Ency, after Andrew admitted his heart was still with Teddi. Despite her disappointment, Jessenia admits that she should have seen the signs of their impending break up.

“I partially blame myself,” Jessenia told TheWrap, adding that she was so sold on their relationship after seeing their potential as friends that could smoothly transition into a relationship. “I should have seen the signs because this man is guarded [and] he’s simply not ready.”

Even as their relationship progressed, Jessenia says she could sense the pair was not quite on the same page, especially when she didn’t receive much validation outside of rose ceremonies.

“It always felt like I was carrying him for about two weeks through paradise,” Jessenia said. “Only when it came down to rose ceremonies would he ever kind of do anything to kind of prove that he was invested in what we had.”

Their relationship took an abrupt turn when Ency arrived in paradise on Monday’s episode, leading Andrew to break things off with Jessenia and accept a date with Ency. The love triangle culminated in a dramatic confrontation on Tuesday night’s Sadie Hawkins dance, when an intense conversation between Jessenia and Andrew was interrupted by Ency.

Ultimately, Andrew decided to leave the beach despite several attempts from Ency to get him to stay.

Though Andrew admitted that he didn’t realize he still had feelings for Teddi at the beginning of their relationship, Jessenia found it “interesting” that these feelings fueled the conclusion of his story. “It kind of makes me think, ‘Well how long have you known this?’”

Paradise definitely isn’t the end of Jessenia’s journey, though, as the Bachelor Nation staple is taking a brief hiatus from the dating scene to reflect on her time on the beach before pursuing future relationships.

“I think, as most of us know, it’s such a whirlwind of change when you go from filming and [being] away from your family, friends, your whole life,” she said. “So to come back, it all kind of comes crashing into you and it’s overwhelming … I went to paradise for a reason, to find love, so very soon I’ll be very open to dating.”

“Bachelor in Paradise” airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.