Backstage with Kate Winslet

Do you have any thoughts about your wonderfully portrayed character, that she may evoke sympathy for a Nazi?
I don’t have any concerns. I can’t be responsible for the emotions an audience has for a film. If the audience has sympathy for Hannah and if they felt morally conflicted as a consequence, that would be interesting. But that wasn’t my intention.
What’s your reaction to the people in Britain who were upset you were crying during your acceptance speeches?
I really don’t care. I really don’t care and quite honestly, it makes me very sad that my own country can’t be pleased for the successes of their own kind.
You recently said that you were going to retire some of your gutsy nude scenes. Who do you want to retire nude scenes to?

Susan Sarandon.
Do you believe there is a secret in dreaming?
Yes I do, I do. I think there’s a secret in having some kind of belief in yourself. I feel like a very unlikely hero here right now. I was not the privileged kid who things like this could possibly happen to. It really is a dream coming true.
What are your thoughts about a SAG strike? Do you think it will happen?
I hope not. Its’ not because of the actors here tonight. It’s people like my dad who appeared on the ocassional commercial… We can’t go on strike because of those people who get that sometimes very small paycheck and I really, really, really hope that we don’t go on strike.
How was it working in Germany with German co-stars in Berlin?
It was absolutely fantastic. I have never worked with a more solid group of actors and crew members in my life. They were all completely committed in a way that was almost startling. These people would trade sleep to carry on working. The atmosphere that that kind of work ethic generates is really healthy, I think. We’re all working towards the same end on the team and that film was really an exception to that rule and we were all there sharing this part together.
There’s a lot of sexuality in "The Reader"; how does that play out with you and Sam? Him directing you and then seeing you…
To be honest with you, the straightfoward answer is he’s used to it. He’d seen me naked before he’d even met me. He’s used to it. The person who was the most professional at getting through it was him. And I’d say, "yes darling, I’ve done this before, but you’re standing right there." As far as I can tell, he’s just very accepting of it.