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‘Banshee’ Season 3 Trailer Promises a War on Three Fronts (Video)

Antony Starr’s mysterious criminal-turned-sheriff might be exposed to his would-be girlfriend and deputy, played by Trieste Kelly Dunn

It looks like Cinemax is actually amping up the adrenaline in its action drama “Banshee,” if the Season 3 trailer is any indication.

“Everything you touch turns to blood,” Antony Starr’s Lucas Hood is told at one point in the trailer, to which he responds, “I can live with that.”

Blood and violence were certainly in bountiful supply in the minute-and-a-half trailer. The darker side of the show was balanced by Hood’s seeming journey toward light, and his burgeoning relationship with Trieste Kelly Dunn’s Siobhan.

But his deputy might have caught on to his secret, as she’s seen at one point holding a gun to him and asking him just exactly who he is. That’s an answer even viewers aren’t privy to, as we joined Hood just as he was taking over a dead man’s life.

Aside from problems with his dirty little secret, it looks like Hood’s battles with his two major adversaries aren’t going to get any easier, either. Geno Segers’ Chayton Littlestone is a hulking man who’s already beaten Hood into the ground, while Ulrich Thomsen’s Kai Proctor remains the most dangerous mind in town.

There is so much action and excitement packed into this trailer, it feels like they’ve packed every explosive moment from the entire 10-episode season into this one short video. That said, even if they have, there’s clearly plenty to come.

“Banshee” Season 3 premieres Jan. 9, 2015 at 10 p.m. ET on Cinemax.