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‘Banshee’ Star Antony Starr and Creator Jonathan Tropper Tease Season 3 (Video)

Comic-Con 2014: ”‘Banshee’ is a show where everyone used to be someone else, or someone has a secret,“ Tropper tells TheWrap

If you ask “Banshee” star Antony Starr and creator Jonathan Tropper what’s in store for the third season of the popular Cinemax show, they’ll warn you to be prepared — it’s going to be like “Banshee” on steroids. That’s just one of a few tidbits Starr and Tropper let slip when they stopped by TheWrap’s Comic-Con video lounge at the “Walking Dead Escape” in San Diego.

“We’re actually halfway through filming it now — we’re just taking a couple of days off,” Starr said. “We just finished episode six and it’s pretty intense. Jonathan has come up with more than enough capers to keep us occupied. It’s a pretty full-on season — a lot of action.”

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“It is, and on an emotional level as well,” Tropper agreed. “Somehow even though they escape the major threat of the first two seasons and there’s a threat this season, for some reason it still seems like emotionally everything has been magnified, and the stakes seem a bit higher … the things that are happening this season are going to impact the characters and the story for the rest of the show.”

“And my body, because I keep getting into fight scenes,” Starr joked.

One such impact comes in the form of Geno Segers, who played Native American gang leader Cheyton Littlestone in season two — and the impact of his presence is only just beginning. As Tropper puts it, “He’s coming back with vengeance and brings lawlessness to the town that already has a lawlessness to it, but he takes it to another level.”

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Speaking of taking it to another level, Tropper and Starr have discovered their fan base takes their loyalty very seriously. While Starr likes to refer to them as “die hard,” Tropper finds that Comic-Con is the only place where the people questioning him about the show know more about it than he does — but he takes that as a huge compliment.

As Tropper puts it, “It feels great that we have people who really study our show the way they do because that’s the kind of fans you need to keep a show going.”

Watch the video above.