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Barbara Walters Appears In One Last ‘View’ With Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy Before Their Exit Announcements (Video)

Episode was taped Wednesday, before they announced departures

Barbara Walters returned to “The View” Friday in a pre-taped segment that turned out to be her last with Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy before they announced their exits.

In the segment, taped Wednesday, the former host talked about her interview with the UCSB shooter’s father, Peter Rodger. Shepherd and McCarthy said Thursday night they were leaving the show.

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“Barbara said goodbye to the View all of six weeks ago,” Shepherd observed. “We are thrilled to say as our guest, please welcome Barbara Walters.”

There was no indication of anything amiss on the set, as Walters gave Shepherd a big hug.

“I’m still the co-executive producer of this program as well as the wonderful Bill Geddie,” Walters said. “I still watch the show all the time. This is what I would like to say, thank you.”

Shepherd was giddy of Walters’ return, and complimented her hair.

“I do miss you, I miss not being on hot topics,” Walters said. “I’m talking back to the television, which is what I think people at home do, that’s the fun of it.”

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In case viewers had tuned in and were confused about why Shepherd and McCarthy were acting like nothing was wrong, producers made sure to tell them this broadcast was “Recorded Earlier.”


Walters then dished on her big interview with Peter Rodger, which is airing on “20/20” tonight.

Watch the video below: