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Joy Behar on Barbara Walters Farewell ‘View’ Reunion: It Was ‘A Bitch Fest’

Also, Macklemore is an ”idiot,“ former ”View“ co-host tells Wendy Williams

Some people would call the assemblage of former “The View” personalities who showed up on Friday’s episode to wish Barbara Walters adieu a historic gathering.

Joy Behar has another term for it.

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Behar, who served as co-host on the daytime talk show for 16 years, appeared on Tuesday’s edition of “The Wendy Williams Show” to reflect on the send-off — or, as she put it, “bitch fest.”

“Everybody came back and it was a, you know, a bitch fest,” Behar told Williams. “Look at us. I said it looked like the Last Supper with Barbara as Jesus.”

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Behar also reflected on possible replacements for Walters, opining that “The View” should be an all-chicks, no-sticks affair.

“[Viewers] can see men on every show. Late night is all men. The news is mostly male. Men are having conversations on TV everywhere,” Behar said.

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As for one particular man, rapper Macklemore — who raised eyebrows recently by taking to the stage in a get-up that some characterized as anti-Semitic — Behar had a few choice words.

“You know, the thing about him is, it’s such an attractive look. I mean, why is he doing that, to make him look so ridiculous?” Behar offered. “He’s an idiot.”

Watch Behar dish to Williams in the video.

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