‘Batman v Superman’: The Most Blatant Product Placements, From Jeep to Jolly Ranchers

Cars, airlines, apparel and candy make their way into superhero juggernaut

Batman v Superman product placement

Some of the highest-priced tickets to “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” aren’t for theater seats — they’re for brands looking for prominent placement in the clash between Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill.

Product placements run rampant in Zack Snyder‘s film, which features an impressive show of goods from across the consumer spectrum. Bruce Wayne (Affleck) drives a Jeep. Lex Luthor ( Jesse Eisenberg) shares Jolly Ranchers with a bureaucrat. Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) rocks a Gucci bag. The product placements range from from automobiles to fancy earrings.

“They have a very centralized team who handle production resources,” Mike Bertolina, vice president of brand integration at Corbis Entertainment, told TheWrap. His company handled Microsoft’s placement in the “BvS.”

“When the producers are looking for a specific brand to match up with the film, it has to work creatively for everyone involved — production designers, costume department, and so on — and for this project, the field was very competitive,” he said.

Here are the most visible wares advertised in “Batman v Superman”:


  • Microsoft Lumia 950 Smart phone (used by Wayne).
  • Samsung Notebook 9 laptop.

“When it comes to a movie with men in tights,  gadgets is usually the first category to show up for integration,” Bertolina said.

batman superman aston martin


  • 2016 Jeep Renegade “Dawn of Justice Edition.” No spoilers, but this vehicle was the direct result of a studio parntership, and has an incredibly prominent placement in the film. It sports at matte black finish and the “Batman v Superman” insignia, so this affordable cousin to the Batmobile can be yours for roughly $27,000.
  • Aston Martin model DB2/4 Mk 3.  Snyder is a noted Aston Martin fan, so the classic luxury car may not have ponied up cash to be in the film. Wayne drives one of the beauties to an important party scene.
  • Brief appearances by Dodge minivan, Ford Mustang.

Food and Drink

  • Chateau Margaux is Wayne’s red wine of choice as he charms lady friends and leaves empty bottles for Jeremy Irons‘ Alfred to clean up.
  • Jolly Ranchers, the old-school hard candy manufactured by Hershey, get sticky visibility in a scene with Luthor and a government official he’s trying to intimidate.


  • Turkish Airlines has been a very visible sponsor, but what’s not been as widely disseminated is the staggering cost of the deal. The company spent “in the mid-eight figures” for the opportunity, an individual familiar with the deal package told TheWrap. It cost millions to get a Turkish jet to Detroit, block off part of the airport’s tarmac to film a scene, and market the placement in a Super Bowl ad that starred Affleck. A rep for the Turkish Airlines deal did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.


  • Under Armour sports gear.
  • Gucci monogrammed duffel carried by Wonder Woman when she isn’t in costume.
  • Bulgari jewels customized for Gadot.
  • Gucci bespoke suits for Wayne.
  • Converse sneakers for Luthor.

If we missed any on-screen product placement, check back after opening day and tell us in comments.