‘Batwoman’ Star Camrus Johnson on Directing That Wildmoore Moment: ‘We Made It Fun, We Made It Beautiful’ (Video)

Johnson also tells TheWrap that romantic drama may be on the horizon for Luke too

Camrus Johnson made his “Batwoman” directing debut this week, putting him at the helm of a major moment for Wildmoore shippers. It was a moment he took just as seriously as the fans.

The end of “Broken Toys” saw Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie) and Sophie Moore (Meagan Tandy) finally give into their feelings for each other — or at least, Ryan finally gave in. Sophie was more than ready to be with her. In the final minutes of the episode, the two end up in bed together, and it was a moment that Johnson really wanted to get right.

“I have so many actor friends that have had to do scenes like this and they can be uncomfortable. So my biggest thing was no matter what, I want this to be fun, I want this to be short and I want you to enjoy it,” Johnson explained to TheWrap. “And I don’t want to add anything. I don’t want this to go longer than it has to and those kinds of scenes are hard so we made sure to have intimacy coordinators on sets they could oversee everything, make sure everything went well.”

In the end though, the awkwardness wasn’t that big of a factor. You can watch Johnson’s full interview with TheWrap in the video above.

“What was great is, they’re so great. They’re such huge champions, like, they are warriors. We had fun,” Johnson continued. “We made it fun, we made it beautiful, and I’m so happy with how it turned out. But I’m also very glad that they trusted me to do this, to do such an important scene because wow. When I read that in the script I was like ‘You’re letting me direct this?!’ That just goes to show how comfortable that I am on set with them, and how comfortable they are with me, and the fact that it turned out so incredibly beautiful makes me so happy.”

So, now that the Wildmoore ship has officially set sail, should fans be hopeful that Luke and Mary might eventually act on their own chemistry? Mary’s back to her normal self, but she clearly still has some things to work through.

“I’m not gonna say anything but what I will say is you know, like Stephanie Brown did make a very strong appearance last season [as the Cluemaster’s daughter] and with this season being so short there’s a lot of things that we didn’t get to dive into this season,” Johnson noted. “So I — because remember last season we talked a little bit about a love triangle and then Stephanie appeared, then Stephanie disappeared, so I don’t really know what’s going to happen this season/the next but hopefully we can see some Luke Fox love here and there you know what I’m saying?”

Johnson would also like to direct another episode, should “Batwoman” get renewed for a fourth season. And, even beyond the possibility of romantic drama, he’d like to see more of Luke dealing with real issues.

“I would love just for Luke to really get some meaty stuff we have next season because you know, we were so used to seeing Luke in the Batcave doing his thing, and then he’s been able to fly and do Batwing stuff at the end of the episodes,” Johnson said. “I think next season — like how we saw Mary sort of get that Poison Ivy [arc], she has meaty, meaty stuff this season, which I really loved watching — I would love to see what where Luke can really get to.”