‘Batwoman’: Alice and Mary Strike a Deal in Mid-Season Finale Sneak Peek (Exclusive Video)

Sometimes you just have to pick your Poison, Mary

Last week on “Batwoman,” Mary Hamilton all but fully embraced her transformation into Posion Ivy, trapping Batwoman and Batwing at the Botannical Gardens and slipping away. Of course, it’s only thanks to Alice that Poison Mary was able to actually get out of Gotham — something she intends to leverage in the mid-season finale.

To be fair though, Alice (Rachel Skarsten) isn’t so much threatening Mary (Nicole Kang) this time around as she is trying to protect her. After all, Mary has no memory of what happens while she’s in her Ivy state. So, Alice fills her in, and informs Mary that yes, Ryan (Javicia Leslie) and Luke (Camrus Johnson) would put her into Arkham Asylum, if truly forced into it.

Meanwhile Alice wants to help her “steppy” hone and control her powers — but she also wants the tracking nanobots flowing through her bloodstream to be gone. So, the two come to an agreement (albeit a touch begrudgingly on Mary’s end).

You can watch more in TheWrap’s exclusive sneak peek of the episode above.

How exactly Mary is going to be able to get a blood transfusion on the road, rather than safe at her clinic remains unclear. Then again, it’s Mary and Alice; they’re pretty clever individually, so putting them together might actually make things even easier.

And, by the end of the night, it appears Mary will indeed fully embrace her powers. In a first-look image released last week, we see Nicole Kang’s embodiment of the iconic villain — red hair, green suit and all.

“I’m so excited to bring you Poison Ivy. She’s here… finally! That’s a sentence I never thought I’d say. Wow,” Kang said in a statement. “In our story, I am most proud that Poison Ivy is an Asian villain whose danger does not stem from her foreignness or her mystique. Instead, we discover her personal motivations alongside those of the OG Poison Ivy’s and see them intertwine in an organic and powerful way. 

“I am so humbled to be a Korean girl in line behind THE Uma Thurman to play the next live action Poison Ivy (what?!).  Hopefully the future holds space for others like me and beyond to portray one hell of a character. For everything you’ve let me feel, scream, and become through you, Poison Ivy— thank you.”

Kang will also appear at WrapWomen’s Power Women Summit, December 7-9, 2021, speaking even further in depth on her turn as one of Gotham’s best baddies, and what kinds of conversations went into bringing her to life.

The “Batwoman” season 3 mid-season finale airs tonight on The CW at 9 p.m. ET.