BBC News Weather Expert Faints on Live TV (Video)

“I’m totally fine, just a little under the weather,” Mark McCarthy tweets after the fact

A BBC News weather expert fainted during a live TV interview on Wednesday.

Mark McCarthy, the manager of the National Climate Information Center, was appearing on a segment hosted by Annita McVeigh to discuss the recent heatwaves hitting the United Kingdom this summer.

“One thing that we are seeing is…” the scientist began before trailing off. Looking down, he then said, “Sorry. Excuse me,” before ducking down out of the frame.

“Are you okay, Mark?” McVeigh asked. “Perhaps we’ll try to come back to you.”

McCarthy seemed to take the whole incident in stride in a tweet Wednesday afternoon: “Note to self – avoid passing out on live tv. Ever so sorry @annita_mcveigh @BBCNews not my finest interview! #sciencecommfail.”

“Thank you to everyone for your kind words and encouragement,” he wrote. “I’m totally fine, just a little under the weather.”

Watch video (via Metro) above.