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Lauren Schulte Jesse Draper Be Conference 2019

The 2019 BE Conference offered opportunities for young women to gather insights from successful women in entertainment and media. Watch full-length speaker panels on diversity, negotiating your worth, and more from this WrapWomen event now exclusively with a WrapPRO membership.


Writer-director Frankie Shaw’s real-life experiences portrayed in ‘SMILF’ reflect challenges she has faced in her own life.

Frankie Shaw SMILF BE Conference 2019
Frankie Shaw SMILF BE Conference 2019. Photographed by Ted Soqui


BE Conference 2019: Negotiating Your Worth
Top Paradigm agent Debbee Klein and Untitled managing partner Jennifer Levine addresses the push towards 50/50 at her agency and starting wherever you can to get your foot in the door in the entertainment industry.

Beatrice Verhoeven, Debbee Klein and Jennifer Levine
Beatrice Verhoeven, Debbee Klein and Jennifer Levine. Photographed by Ted Soqui


‘This is Us’ Star Melanie Liburd talks about how insecurities affect everyone in their own way and how to be confident despite it.

Melanie Liburd at BE Conference 2019. Photographed by Ted Soqui
Shabnam Mogharabi details her journey from immigrant to Co-Founder of SoulPancake alongside BBC America chief executive Courtney Thomasma.
Courtney Thomasma, Shabnam Mogharabi and Sharon Waxman. Photographed by Ted Soqui
Whistleblower Whitney Davis, on the heels of quitting CBS, discusses the reason for her public resignation and her hopes for the next generation entering the workforce.
Stephanie Allain, Whitney Davis, Sydney Park and Rain Valdez. Photographed by Ted Soqui
Producer DeVon Franklin considers legendary producer Amy Pascal one of his mentors and points out personality traits that a good mentor embodies.
Amy Pascal and DeVon Franklin. Photographed by Ted Soqui
Venture capitalist Jesse Draper touches on the process of investing in start-ups such as Lauren Schulte Wang’s The Flex Company and what investors look for when financing new projects.
Jesse Draper and Lauren Schulte
Jesse Draper and Lauren Schulte. Photographed by Ted Soqui