Tia Mowry’s Entrepreneurial Advice to Women: ‘Passion’ Is as Powerful as Traditional Credentials | Video

BE CONFERENCE 2020: Tia Mowry, Nikki Reed and Katie Rosen Kitchens gave viewers advice on entrepreneurship, maintaining confidence and carving out time off from work

Tia Mowry has some advice for fledgling entrepreneurs: “Passion” is as valuable as a more traditional credential like an MBA.

She made the statement during a panel with fellow entrepreneurs Nikki Reed and Katie Rosen Kitchens for the 2020 Wrap Women BE Conference, moderated by Beatriz Acevedo. Like so much else amid the coronavirus pandemic, the panel was held remotely and streamed live on YouTube.

“You just have to have, you know, that persistence, a thick skin and realize you just can’t take everything too personally,” Mowry said. “I mean, here I am, right? I’m an actress. Then, I’m telling everybody that I love to cook and I want my own cooking show. To the average person, they will look at that and go, ‘But, like, have you gone to culinary school? Are you a chef?’ No. I did not go to culinary school and no, I am not a trained chef, but what I do have is exactly what you guys said: passion for food and just cooking.”

She advised viewers never to give up and keep “that hustle mentality.”

“I’m a student in this life,” agreed Reed, who co-founded BaYou With Love jewelry. “While I might not have formal training and I didn’t go to school for my current job position and I don’t have a degree to back it up — and it sounds like you ladies have a similar background — I still have the desire to learn.”

Reed and Kitchens both underscored the importance of “having separation between work and family and being in the moment,” prioritizing facetime with kids and remembering not to be constantly working.

“We all can’t do it all, all the time,” said Kitchens, who co-founded Fab Fit Fun, saying the expectation to do so is even harder for working women and mothers to contend with.

Acevedo, CEO and co-founder of SUMA Wealth, agreed: “There’s so much to do!”

BE Conference presented by WrapWomen is Hollywood’s leading mentorship conference. The event is designed to provide opportunities for the next generation of women in media and entertainment, with a focus on underrepresented voices. This year’s programming and mentorship is dedicated to breaking barriers, inspiring action and creating inclusive opportunities for all.

Lindsey Ellefson

Lindsey Ellefson

Media reporter • lindsey.ellefson@thewrap.com • Twitter: @ellefs0n


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