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Bear Grylls Sets New Netflix Special: Choose Whether He Gets Eaten by a Lion or Drowns Trying to Save a Baboon (Video)

”Animals on the Loose: A You Vs. Wild Movie“ premiere Feb. 16

Bear Grylls has lined up two more interactive specials at Netflix, allowing even more chances for viewers to steer the celebrity outdoorsman toward a grisly death.

“Animals on the Loose,” the latest installment in Grylls’ “You vs. Wild” franchise at Netflix, is set to premiere on Feb. 16. It follows the eight-episode series released by Netflix last year.

The film sees Grylls investigating a mysterious breach in the fence surrounding a wildlife sanctuary. Viewers will guide the host through three missions as he attempts to “rescue a mischievous baboon, track down a hungry lion and fix the fence before any more animals get out.” Watch the trailer for the new film above.

Details for the second special have not yet been released.

In an interview with TheWrap prior to the launch of the first season of “You vs. Wild,” Grylls confirmed that he is aware that some viewers will try their best to kill him, but producers of the show have made clear that the host remains (pretty much) safe throughout production.

“You could make this show as extreme as you want to, and it could be very dangerous for the host,” “You vs. Wild” producer Rob Buchta told Vulture in 2019. “You could kill the host if you wanted to. We just had to draw that line. … Also, with Netflix, we didn’t want to depict Bear failing mortally. We didn’t want to scare kids. So rescue by helicopter was always an option. When we get to that line when we’d ask Bear if he had any options left, he’d say, “Not really, dude.” And we’d say, “cool, let’s film a rescue sequence.”