‘Below Deck’ Preview: Jennice Finally Admits Her Feelings for Kelley (Exclusive Video)

The season-long will they, won’t they finally comes to an end on an all-new episode of Bravo’s reality series

After doing away with a pesky long-distance boyfriend, two would-be lovebirds finally go all-in in an all-new episode of Bravo’s “Below Deck.”

This season, Jennice Ontiveros and Kelley Johnson have tiptoed around their flirtatious friendship, which seemed doomed even after he showed her how he felt with an ill-timed kiss.

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In TheWrap’s exclusive clip (above) from Tuesday’s episode, the two co-workers finally talk through their long-gestating will-they, won’t-they and settle the whole thing with a long-awaited makeout session.

“You don’t really get to choose how you feel about something, or someone,” Jennice starts as Kelley — who’s been open about his romantic feelings for her — gazes up at her. “You only get to choose how you react to it. So my first reaction was to go, ‘No, we’re just friends, we’re just buddies.’”

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But that didn’t work very well, she admits. After some more hedging and speech-making, Jennice finally gets to the point and tells Kelley what he’s been waiting to hear. “It’s true, I have feelings for you,” she says.

“So what are we going to do about these feelings?” he asks, before answering the question himself by planting a kiss on her — which she reciprocates this time.

“Below Deck” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.