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Ben Affleck Flips After Jon Stewart Spoils Both ‘Gone Girl’ and ‘Batman v. Superman’ (Video)

”The Daily Show“ host was accused of being a ‘copycat’ for directing a movie set in Iran, just like Affleck’s ‘Argo.’

Ben Affleck took Jon Stewart to task during his interview on “The Daily Show” Tuesday night. The Oscar-winning “Argo” director began his sit-down by confronting Stewart about his upcoming film “Rosewater,” which also takes place in Iran.

“You directed a movie, right? Called ‘Rosewater?'” Affleck asked. “There’s some Iran in that movie. You know I did a movie about Iran, right? I’m trying to think if there’s a less babyish word than ‘copycat.'”

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Affleck stars in the much-buzzed about upcoming movie “Gone Girl,” but he was not the director on the film. Not officially anyway.

According to Affleck, “Gone Girl” director David Fincher gave him the role based on his directorial prowess.

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“I don’t want to say ‘ghost director,'” Affleck said, adding that Fincher came to him for a lot of help. “He’s new and he’s looking for help and he came to me and said, ‘Hey Ben, you wouldn’t mind making like, the decisions on the movie?'”

“Gone Girl” opens Friday and then Affleck will return to the big screen in a very big way, playing Batman in Warner Bros. 2016 release “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

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“In Gone Girl, he kills his wife and then in Batman v Superman, Superman defeats Batman,” Stewart said, jokingly spoiling the plots of both films.

Affleck yelled back at Stewart: “What the fuck! Are you kidding me?”

Watch the video from Tuesday night’s “Daily Show” above.