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Ben Affleck Responds to New Yorker Fat-Shaming Article: ‘Thick Skin Bolstered by Garish Tattoos’

The New Yorker ran a piece on Friday titled ”The Great Sadness of Ben Affleck,“ which discusses the movie star’s physique

Ben Affleck has responded to a recent New Yorker article discussing the current physique of the actor.

“I’m doing just fine,” Affleck tweeted on Thursday. “Thick skin bolstered by garish tattoos.”

Following an internet frenzy over Affleck’s back tattoo, the New Yorker ran a piece on Friday titled “The Great Sadness of Ben Affleck,” which discusses the movie star’s “gut pooching outward” in paparazzi photos taken on the set of his new film “Triple Frontier.”

Comparing his body to that of animated donut fan Homer Simpson, the piece is a meditation on the unflattering photo and zeroes in on its many minute details.

“A blue-gray towel is wrapped protectively around his midsection-recalling a shy teen at the local pool. Staring at the water before him, his gaze obscure and empty, Affleck is a defeated Roman senator,” wrote the New Yorker’s Naomi Fry.

The post has been dragged as body-shaming, cruel and mocking of a person who openly struggles with addiction. Even worse, insipid and beneath the publication’s standards.

“It is the most mean-spirited article I’ve read in a long time. He has struggled with alcohol addiction which you managed to leave out. So low-level, I will not be subscribing to the New Yorker – ever,” wrote one Twitter user.

“[This] seemed to have no other point than to body-shame a person who feels depressed. A low moment for anything resembling journalism,” wrote another.