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Ben Kingsley Pleads With Imprisoned War Journalist Catherine Keener in ‘War Story’ (Exclusive Video)

“You’re a bit crazy,” the Oscar-winning actor tells Keener who plays a war journalist in this well-timed film

In an exclusive clip from Sir Ben Kingsley‘s new film “War Story” his character desperately tries dissuading a photojournalist played by Catherine Keener from returning to a deadly war-torn region.

“You’re a woman, an amazing woman who has decided to go into war zones and take pictures,” says the Oscar-winning actor. “You’re a bit crazy to want to do that, and I think now you’re a bit too crazy to stop.”

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“Yeah, I’m an animal,” laughs Keener’s character Lee, who was recently held captive by Libyan forces. After she’s released she visits with her former lover (Kingsley) in Sicily.

The timing of director Mark Jackson’s film about an American war journalist taken hostage is propitious considering the real life tragedies that have recently befallen reporters risking their lives in the Middle East. As TheWrap previously reported, ISIS terrorists beheaded captured American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff in subsequent graphic videos released in late August and on Sept. 2.

“War Story,” written by Jackson and Kristin Gore (former Vice President Al Gore’s second daughter) and executive produced by Brad and Shona Tuckman, also stars Hafsia Herzi and Donatella Finocchiaro.

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The movie first premiered at Sundance Film Festival in January and enjoyed a limited theatrical release in select cities throughout the summer and early fall, with it’s final opening in Buffalo, N.Y. on Friday. “War Story” is also currently available through Video-on-Demand.

See the full trailer below.