Young Bernie Sanders Makes a Blood Pact With Stalin in Satirical Comedy ‘Free Lunch Express’ (Exclusive Trailer)

The comedy is narrated by Malcolm McDowell

In a plotline nobody saw coming (let alone a movie being made about it) a young Bernie Sanders swears a blood oath to Joseph Stalin in the trailer for the upcoming satirical comedy, “Free Lunch Express.”

The movie is clearly not trying to portray Sanders in a positive light. For example, at one point, a young Sanders can be seen in front of a propaganda poster of Stalin, saying, “I totally pledge with this blood oath to dedicate my life to never picking up a dinner check, never donating to charity, and like in the glorious Soviet Union, making sure the government pays for everything.”

Malcolm McDowell (“A Clockwork Orange,” “Star Trek: Generations,” “Halloween”) serves as the film’s narrator. “Aw, Bernie, bless his cotton socks,” McDowell caps off the trailer by saying.

There’s really no way to properly describe “Free Lunch Express,” so here is how the producers sum up the film:

Once upon a time lived a man in New England named Bernard Sanders. His friends called him Bernie. He was going to run for President of the United States of America and create great change for the people. He was going to make the world a better place.

But his story actually begins in Brooklyn, 1953. Bullied as a youth, Bernie Sanders becomes interested in communism. Tired of the rich kids gloating their status in his face, he vows to never pay for another meal again. It’s time for the government to pay for everything!

As Bernie grows up, he is visited by the spirits of pioneering politicians, who guide him through the trenches of the political system and warn him of the dangers of the one percent. But nothing can deter Bernie’s dreams. His journeys through the decades takes him through marijuana-infused visits with Ben & Jerry, debates with Hillary Clinton and cocktails with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The path to the White House may be paved with good intentions…usually… but Bernie Sanders has got a long and winding road to go if he’s going to earn himself those free lunches.

“Free Lunch Express” was written and directed by Lenny Britton (“The World According to Billy Potwin,” “Precious Find,” “The Gnar”), and produced by Britton, Sam Brittian (“Redlands,” “And The Past Recedes,” “Labyrinths”), and Brad Broyles (“The World According to Billy Potwin,” “Fan Club – News Done Right!”).

The film stars Sam Brittian (“Redlands,” “And The Past Recedes,” “Labyrinths”), Jonah Britton (“The World According to Billy Potwin”), Charles Hutchins ( “The Connected”), Robert William Campbell (“Hawaii Five-O,” “Vice Principals”), Laura Aleman (“Runner Runner,” “Sol de Mediancoch”), Don Frankel (“The Bold and The Beautiful,” “When We Rise,”), Alexander Aguila (“Shameless”), Jessica Jade Andres (“Don’t Worry He Won’t Get Far on Foot,” “9-1-1”), “Elaine Ballace” (“The MissAdventures of Camp Elaine”), William Charlton (“The Rum Diary,” “Money Train”), Cynthia Kania (“Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives,” “Criminal Minds”), Alycia Cooper (“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”), Sudana Bobatoon (“Vice Squad,” “Secret Agent 00 Soul”), Ryan Cole (“Veronica Mars”), Anthony Traina (“Shameless”, “Roman J Israel, Esq.”), Kevin Sorbo (“Let There Be Light,” “The Santa Suit”), and Eric Roberts (“Runaway Train,” “The Expendables,” “Inherent Vice”).


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