Bernie Sanders Wins Wyoming, For What It’s Worth

Nothing against Wyoming, but this doesn’t help him much

Bernie Sanders Holds Town Hall Meeting In in Wausau, Wisconsin
Getty Images

Bernie Sanders has won the Democratic primary in Wyoming, extending his recent momentum. But the Wyoming win doesn’t mean much for his campaign.

The Associated Press breaks it down: Sanders has now won 16 states to Hillary Clinton’s 18, and Saturday’s win meant seven delegates to Clinton’s six, with one yet to be allocated. But Clinton has 1,286 delegates to Sanders’ 1,037, and an even bigger lead when you factor in superdelegates.

All eyes now are on New York, where Clinton and Sanders both have strong ties and the primary is April 19. The two candidates have been in an increasingly heated campaign lately, jousting for position on which is qualified and whether either of them knows how to use the subway.

The AP says Sanders has to win 68 percent of the remaining delegates and uncommitted superdelegates if he hopes to capture the 2,383 delegates needed to secure the Democratic nomination. He’s moving in the right direction: Including Wyoming, he’s won seven straight states.

Also, the pope seems to like him, which can’t hurt.