‘Stranger Things’ Season 4: The Best Memes and Fan Reactions So Far

Fans were eager to take to social media after bingeing the new episodes


Note: Spoilers for “Stranger Things” Season 4 Volume 1 follow below.

The wait is over. “Stranger Things” Season 4 Volume 1 hit Netflix Friday May 27, and viewers wasted no time in reuniting with the Hawkins-based crew, some even bingeing all of the episodes in record time.

Reactions range from funny memes to more heartfelt observations as well as tweets commenting about certain characters, and we’ve rounded up the best of the best.

Some fans did not hold back as they dove into the new season, even after the end of the first episode.

Certain details solidified the show’s reception.

Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) made some fast fans.

So did Sadie Sink’s performance in the 4th episode “Dear Billy.” Some fans edited her music choice from Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill (Deal with God)” to Taylor Swift’s 10-minute version of “All Too Well,” since Sink starred in Swift’s short film for the song.

Comparisons were not only made between the emotional performances of Sink in “Dear Billy” and “All Too Well” the short film. Many pop cultural hot topics have been tied into the premiere of “Stranger Things 4,” like Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) in the recent ‘Dr. Strange’ sequel, “Heartstopper” and even the latest Harry Styles album “Harry’s House.”

Angela, Eleven’s bully, was not well received.

But Jamie Campbell Bower’s involvement in the show was. Many are praising the actor for unveiling his character’s true identity.

Others commented on how long it’s been between seasons.

And still others are picking up something with Will and his behavior towards Mike. The friendship in general is under heavy scrutiny, especially because Will’s birthday came and went without celebration.

Many shared their theories that Season 4 either confirmed or disproved. Others made guesses for Volume 2.

The ending has left viewers with a range of mixed emotions. Many questions have gone unanswered, like if Nancy and Steve will end up together, or why certain pictures of certain cast-members doing certain things are circulating.


Oh, and Twitter wouldn’t let us forget about Hopper’s peanut butter scene.