‘Betting on Zero': Bill Ackman Goes Up Against ‘Pyramid Scheme’ Herbalife in New Trailer (Exclusive Video)

Documentary is written and directed by Ted Braun

Last Updated: November 5, 2016 @ 1:09 PM

Bill Ackman and Herbalife go head-to-head in a new promotional video for the upcoming documentary “Betting on Zero.”

Written and directed by Ted Braun (“Darfur Now”), the documentary follows the controversial hedge fund titan as he goes on a crusade to expose the global nutritional giant as the largest pyramid scheme in history.

But Herbalife executives claim Ackman is a market manipulator out to bankrupt them and make a killing off his billion-dollar short.

The documentary, which first premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in April, is produced by Academy Award winner Glen Zipper (“Undefeated”) and Devin Adair.

“Betting on Zero” has recently been at the center of some controversy. Last month, Braun accused the lobbying firm Heather Podesta + Partners, employed by Herbalife, of conspiring to prevent audiences in Washington, D.C., of viewing the film.

According to the Washington Post, Braun said the firm purchased 173 tickets for a showing of the movie at the Double Exposure Film Festival, leaving the seats empty.

In a statement to the Post, Braun called the move a “deliberate attempt to thwart an interested D.C. audience from seeing our documentary.”


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